ENLIT is a network of non-profit organisations which invest in literary translation support programmes to give the literatures of Europe increased visibility internationally and in their respective countries or regions. Members without any translation support programs work with other grant programs and tools to enhance the circulation of translated literature.

As members of the ENLIT network we strive for a dynamic, diverse and easily accessible literary landscape across Europe and beyond, with a focus on the entire value chain of the book, while also supporting other stakeholders. To achieve our goals, we share information, engage in mutual advocacy and communication, and set up collaboration projects.

Our story

The ENLIT network grew out of efforts to bring together European organisations promoting literature internationally and supporting literary translation. These organisations met annually at the Frankfurt Book Fair and cooperated on joint projects as partners in the Literature Across Frontiers platform. In 2012, the founding organisations met at a lunch hosted by Literature Across Frontiers in the Free Word Centre during the London Book Fair and agreed to create a network with shared goals. Annual meetings hosted by founding members in Amsterdam, Dublin and Budapest followed, and the ENLIT network was officially launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2016.


The network is governed by a Board, elected by members at the annual general meeting. The board choses its Chair and Vice Chair, and continues developing the Guiding rules by which the network abides. Its meetings are held twice a year, one spring meeting hosted by a member organisation and one autumn meeting at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The Covid-19 pandemic saw more frequent virtual gatherings, where members shared their experiences with new ways of digital working. Since return to in-person meetings, the network met in Barcelona in 2022 and in Vilnius in 2023, on the occasion of the 700th Anniversary of the city. The 2024 meeting is planned to take place in Greece at the Thessaloniki Book Fair, hosted by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture.


Prospective new members are invited by the Board to present their organisation and admitted to the network following a vote at the annual general meeting.


Apart from sharing information and discussing topics of common interest, the network has the ambition to develop joint projects with curated public debates and presentations at industry events. ENLIT has organised panel debates at the Frankfurt Book Fair in the past and returned with a debate on Aldus Stage in 2023. The first major cooperation took place at the Guadalajara Book Fair 2023 where the European Union was the guest of honour and ENLIT introduced itself with several coordinated sessions. Further events were held at the London Book Fair and Thessaloniki Book Fair in 2024.


ENLIT stands in solidarity with European nations and organisations that find themselves under threat to democratic values, and is pleased to have the Ukrainian Book Institute amongst its members.

Current ENLIT Board

Margit Walsø (NORLA, Chair) Niki Théron (Frankfurt Book Fair, Vice Chair), Alexandra Büchler (Literature Across Frontiers), Julià Florit (Institut Ramon Llull), Martin Krafl (Czech Literary Centre)